1. Promotion valid until 31/01/2018.

2. Payment of the bonus will be solely dependent on the student who has been referred enrolling prior to 31/01/2018.


3. This promotion applies to the 25 weeks programme only.


4. In the event that the student referred cannot enrol for any reason, including all the classes being full, the bonus will not be paid.


5. When the student referred has enrolled our sales team will contact you on the contact details provided on the promotion form.


6. The bonus will be paid 7 working days after the student referred is issued with the GNIB visa. This must be presented at Dublin College reception and a copy placed on file.


7. In the unlikely event that we do not contact you regarding payment of the referral, after the expiry of 7 days, you should contact our sales team and we will arrange for payment prior to 30/01/2018.


8. You may refer as many friends as you wish. The only limitation is in the event that the school does not have availability.

9. To be entitled to refer a friend and receive your cash bonus you must be living in Ireland. 

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