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1 evening class per week, plus approx. 3 hours of self-study per week
Session 1: Introductions
Intro to exam + course outcomes; intro to CEFR and self-assessment on CEFR; how to organise your learning; home task – choose a topic for investigation and a book title from a choice given by the tutor
Session 2: The Investigation and the Book
Investigation – format of log book and how to build a portfolio of work; set deadline for log book at session 5 and deadline for completion of book at session 6; home task – begin to research and draft investigation with an entry ready for the next session + write 10 lines about the book you are reading
Session 3: The News Story
Intro to news stories; discussion what makes an interesting news story and where do you get your news; WebQuest current story of interest and write 5-line description to the Qs Who? What? Where? When? Why? Format; home task – begin to follow and log a chosen story
Session 4: Speaking and Writing
Talking about a news story; discussion and preparation to speak about news stories; group work speaking on topic; read sample/s of written section of exam relating to news; home task – written assignment on news topic – deadline Session 5
Session 5: Submission of Investigation for review
Submit all investigations for review; discuss and prepare to speak about this; discussion of possible unprepared element of exam and practice this; review the book so far; collect all news story written assignments; home task – complete book and prepare to speak/ write about it based on questions given by your tutor
Session 6: Completion of Book
Focus on speaking and writing about the book; speaking in groups/pairs about the book and in-class writing practice; home task – written questions on the book for next session
Session 7: Writing Choices
Focus is on the written task; with review of tasks given to date and tips for improvement; second half of session is writing practice on topic assigned by tutor including the unprepared task
Session 8: Review of Log Books and Mock Speaking Exams
Finalization and review of log book; filling of application form for exam; simulation of full speaking exam
NB: All students need to have speaking skills at CEFR A2 level or above

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