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5 Fantastic Online Resources for Learning English

Studying English online has become the new normal. There are many free online tools you can use to help improve your English grammar, writing, and speaking skills. We asked our experienced English teachers their favourite online learning tools to compile this list. 1. YouTube Videos

  • Watching YouTube videos can help you have fun while improving your English pronunciation and listening skills. Ask your teacher or friends who their favourite YouTuber is to start learning today.

  • Perfect English Grammar provides free online resources for English language learners. The content is divided into categories, such as verb tenses, nouns, and adverbs, which makes it perfect for focusing on the areas for which you need some extra study time. The website also provides a free email newsletter that sends study materials straight to your inbox.

  • A recommendation from one of our teachers: ‘Perfect English Grammar is very clear and concise. [It] has several tasks for each section (with key) both directly on the website and downloadable.’

  • Working to expand your English vocabulary? Webster has a free online visual dictionary which will help those new words stick!

  • A recommendation from one of our teachers: 'Webster's visual dictionary online. It's all divided into sections and very easy to navigate.'

  • Easy Stories in English is a useful tool to improve your English reading comprehension and listening skills. It provides free online stories in both text and audiobook format, so you can read along while you listen.

  • A recommendation from one of our teachers: 'A good collection of classic stories here!'

5. Duolingo

  • Duolingo is an app that can help you memorize the basics of English grammar, writing, speaking and listening. The fun and friendly interface makes learning enjoyable.

  • A recommendation from one of our teachers: 'Good for the basics, especially because it's repetitive.'

Click here to download a free PDF of the DCAS Guide to Free Online Tools to Study English.

While online learning resources can help you study and improve your English language skills, they cannot completely replace live online classes with a qualified English language teacher. For more information on how to study online with DCAS, make sure to check out our online English courses!

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