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Request a Study Break (Study Holidays)

Requests take up to 2 Working Days to process. Be familiar with the Study Break Policy prior to filling the form below.

Study Break Policy


For the consideration of others and in compliance with INIS regulations:
1. (AY) Academic Year students (25-week courses | 8-month study visa) Only one Study Break can be booked
  1.2. Total study break period must not exceed 5 weeks (including the 2-week Christmas holiday period)
  1.3. Students may book a Study Break of 2, 3, or 4 consecutive weeks during their 7-month study period (8-month study visa):
    1.3.1. One 2-week study break after completing 6 weeks of classes
    1.3.2. One 3-week study break after completing 9 weeks of classes
    1.3.3. One 4-week study break after completing 12 weeks of classes
  1.4. Study breaks must be requested at least 4 weeks in advance

2. (ST) Short-term students must request study breaks at the enrolment stage
3. Students are required to restart their course on the first business day of the week
4. Students returning from study breaks may be placed in a different class/campus on return.

Complying with this policy will make the best of your study time and enhance everyone’s learning experience.

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