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Fill out the application


Wait for your invoice and pay the fees


Check if you need to apply for a visa before arriving in Ireland


Confirm your start date and book your flight tickets to Dublin

In Your Home Country

Receive your school documentation

Your Acceptance Letter will be sent to you by email 2 weeks before your departure, stating you have fully paid your course and medical insurance (also accommodation, in case you have booked this service with us). Print this official document in colour.

Have farewell parties

You are moving to another country and will be living there for few months. Enjoy the company of your beloveds before you head to the airport! Spend time with your family and friends.

Pack your bags

Check baggage information with your airline.

Get your plane

The big moment has finally come. Double-check your documents and that you have all you need in your luggage. Have a safe journey to Ireland and we see you soon.

Welcome to Ireland

Immigration Border Control

 Be ready for Immigration when entering Ireland. Make sure you have:

  1. DCAS Acceptance Letter

  2. Accommodation Letter (minimum 1 week stay)

  3. Proof of Funds

  4. Passport, valid for at least 8 months from course start date

Welcome to DCAS

1. Check-in at DCAS main campus (98 Capel Street, Dublin 1)

2. Take your Placement Test and attend our Induction Programme (mandatory for all students)

3. Start your classes on Monday*

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