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Student Support

Student Services

Student Support

Our Student Support Coordinators are trained to assist students whenever needed. Our staff are made aware of the importance of monitoring students behaviour and asked to inform the DoS/ADoS if they have any concerns about students' welfare. 

Students can receive advice and support from the ADoS & Welfare Officer and the Student Support Coordinators regarding visa-related issues. Students may inquire by e-mail or make an appointment at the reception.

The school offers the provision of pastoral oversight for non-academic problems, involving support to the students advising them on financial, health/social or other problems.  Where deemed appropriate, support is given to students by the Director of Studies. If necessary, the student will be referred to a professional organisation to assist them in resolving outstanding issues.

Check our Student Handbook here.

Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Check your Academic Calendar here:

Academic Calendars

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Social Activities

Social & Cultural Activities

Cultural awareness is an integral aspect of our student experience.

The Social Activities Co-ordinator organises cultural visits and social events regularly. A programme focused on recreational activities is scheduled every month. Check our current calendar for upcoming activities.

DCAS also offers Extra Classes and Workshops to students.

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