Renewal Students

Whether you studied at a different school or you are coming back to study at DCAS again, we strive to provide excellent service for your course renewal process. Study with highly qualified teachers and enjoy a personalized education experience.

Course renewals are for non-EU/EAA students who have studies English in Ireland and wish to renew their Stamp 2 for a 2nd or 3rd time.

Renewal Courses FAQ

How many times can I renew my Stamp 2 visa?

According to INIS, you may renew your 8-month Stamp 2 visa up to three times to study English in Ireland.

What attendance percentage do I need to renew my Stamp 2 visa?

INIS states that your attendance must be at 85% or above to renew your Stamp 2 visa. The DCAS admissions team evaluates your attendance on a case-by-case basis when accepting students for a course renewal.

Am I eligible for a 4th study visa?

Temporary measures are in place by INIS for students who wish to renew their Stamp 2 for a 4th time due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Please contact our sales team for a consultation to see if you are eligible for a 4th renewal.

Can I study at DCAS if I have studied at the 3rd level in Ireland?

If you are a non-EU/EAA student, you cannot study at DCAS if you have already studied at the 3rd level in Ireland.

Are the courses online?

Currently, under instruction from INIS and ILEP, all of our English courses are currently online. Classes will immediately resume in-person once the school has received indication from the Irish government that it is safe to do so.