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6 Reasons Why You Should Study English in Dublin

This blog post is for English students at the Pre-Intermediate (A2) Level and up.

While you can study English at home, leaving your home country to learn through English immersion is a totally different experience.

When you study abroad, you learn the language much faster. You also grow as a person and enhance skills that will help you for the rest of your life. 

In our opinion, Dublin is the best place to study English. DCAS is in the heart of the city, which is vibrant and bustling. Here are some more reasons to study English in Dublin:

1) Your Home Away from Home

Ireland is known as one of the friendliest nations in the world.

People here are always looking for ‘the craic,’ a word which means ‘fun’ in the Irish language. Chatting with locals in a pub or coffee shop is one of the best ways to improve your conversational English.

Dublin is also a beautiful city, home to many famous parks, landmarks, and museums. Some of our favourite places include the lush Phoenix park and the Temple Bar district.

You will be surprised at how fast you will feel right at home in Dublin.

2) We Work with You from the Beginning

All new students have their spoken and written English personally evaluated by a member of our Academic team before they are placed in a class. Our classes are structured to help each student reach their

full potential.

You will learn to speak, listen, read, write, and become an expert in vocabulary & grammar.

Here at DCAS, we also use online learning platforms to help you study and master the English language.

3) Up-Skill for Future Potential

Studying English is one of the best ways to improve your CV. Becoming bilingual or even multi-lingual can be a huge advantage while advancing your career.

Employers look for well-rounded candidates who are willing to go the extra mile. Studying English through immersion is a great way to demonstrate that you have what it takes to meet new challenges.

4) Qualified and Professional English Teachers

Ireland has a long tradition of excellence in English language education. At DCAS, our highly qualified teachers come from all over the world. They have the knowledge to help you reach your learning goals.

5) It's Good for Your Brain!

Learning a new language exercises your brain. It also helps you better understand customs and cultures that are different from your own.

Memorizing vocabulary and grammar rules can be a fun and interesting way to flex your memory muscles and learn a useful skill.

6) Lasting Friendships from All Over the World

When you enrol at DCAS you can expect to meet other students from all around the world! Learning English in Dublin is a truly multicultural experience.

Get to know people from interesting places, learn about their culture, and experience Ireland together to create memories that will last a lifetime.


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